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Malia, Crete, Greece
The complete guide to Malia, Crete, Greece

Malia Bars / Pubs

We have something for everyone, what ever your type of bar we have it

We have 80s bars, 70s bars, modern bars, Dancing Bar, sitting Bars.

Help Bar - 'Fishbowl was invented here - it actually was !'


The Help Bar is one Malia best Party Bars, with full Bar and DJ, it also has a Swimming Pool, and is the home of the original Malia FishBowl Cocktail. CAN YOU HANDLE THE FISH BOWL, THAT IS MORE LIKE A FISH TANK. Come and see

Loft Bar / Restaurant - 'We are the first club out and the last club back'


For an excellent selection of beats that will keep you dancing till sunrise. Hip hop, RNB, Drum n' base, jungle. The Loft Club offers a unique atmosphere.

Zoo Bar - 'Where the party animals start the night'


The ZOO BAR is Malia's one stop entertainment venue. In its third year, the state of the art bar is widely know as the resorts freshest and classiest hangout. We have dancing, drinking, playing pool, watching films and sports or just chilling

GoGo - 'For the best nights out...'


Malia's only lap dancing bar, ideal for partys, stag nights or just a good night out. 10 euros entry (including in the price is 2 quality drinks of you choice). Centerally located in malia it is so easy to find. Come and check out gogogo while in Malia.

Charlies Bar - 'The last Bar before the beach'


Charlie's bar is the first bar on the right up from the beach. Located about 100 meters from the centre of Malia, this is a place you must visit when you are in Malia.

Galaxy Bar - 'Great Vibe, Great Staff - Sport on all the TVs'


Galaxy Bar located on the top of Beach Road, Malia. Opposite the church we are open all day and all night - with good food and good music, as well as good drinks and fun staff.

Street Pub - 'The best bar on the 'Street''


The Street pub, is the a large bar which is famious for it's Garage Music. We have large DJ box, and a top sound system. We also have a massive TV screen and some of Malia's greatest cocktails.

Oasis Bar - 'The Oasis behind the strip'


Oasis Bar, Malia serves some of the best Tropical Cocktails on the island. Sit hear with some relaxing music, and watch the nightlife go past. This is a very good bar to start off and finish in, Located in Malia Nightlife Area, this is not 2 B missed

Lush Bar - 'If you want lush, you know where to come'


We are soooo lush at Lush, we have massive outside drinking area, as well as a bar on the inside, this is the place to be seen. We are in Malia's prime nightlife area, so come and check us out

Big Ben Bar - 'One of Malia's original bars, top place to go'


Big Ben, top Djs top bar staff - a long established bar in Malia, with all the experance to offer you the best drinks on your holiday in Malia

Mango's Bar - 'Calmness in the centre of town'


Mango Bar Beach Road, Malia. We have one of the best locations on Beach Road, as you can see everything from our beer garden. You can sit here and relax and watch Malia's Crazy night life go past. We have a nice garden and hope you come and share it

Libra Bar - 'Coffee, Beer, Wine and Spirits, we got to covered'


Libra Pub is on the Malia Main Road, near the top of Beach Road, on the old village side of the road. If you want a good night out is a quieter part of town then come and check us out

Connections - 'Come here to make new ones'


Connections is a lovely bar hidden away in the old village, go through the large doors into a walled garden where there are tables and chairs laid out to enjoy a quiet drink with family and friends, or a romantic evening with your husband or boyfriend. Walk through to the bar, where further seating is arranged in little nooks and crannies all built out of traditional stone.

Kaza Pub - 'Live Music, DJs, great food, drinks and fun staff'


Kaza Pub cannot be missed it is huge! this pub is a sports bar, diner, cafe and pub all rolled into one. A really lovely place to eat from breakfast right through to dinner, or just to have a drink whilst watching the live sports, or having a game of pool.

Stonewell Pub - 'Fun and Games in the afternoon'


This lovely bar is an ideal place to sit and have a quiet drink and a dip in the wonderful swimming pool during the day, or in the evening pick a lovely drink from the cocktail menu and enjoy the music.

Galini Cocktail Bar - 'Come and Chilax with us'


The Galini Cocktail Bar is at the front of the Galini Apartments, turn right at MacDonalds towards tropical beach and we are 30m down on the left. Our lovely cocktail bar is beautifully decorated, a little bit of luxury in Malia, with comfortable seating and wide variety of wonderful cocktails.

Epsilon Bar - 'Our name is Perfect, and we do coffee'


The world famous Epsilon Bar can be found on the main road through Malia.

Giannis Cafe Bar - 'Come and see Clair for great drinks and conversation'


Giannis Cafe Bar is traditionally built right in the centre of Malia Old Village. Step back in time when you enter this lovely little taverna, Gianni will welcome you like a long lost friend and ensure that you have a pleasant evening, dont forget to try the local Raki.

Coral Cafe - 'Ice Cream and Cocktails'


Coral Bar

The Flying Dutchman


The Flying Dutchman

Razz - 'When you out on the Razz, come to the Razz'


Razz in new in Malia on the Strip. Razz is a high class venue with waitress service and a roof top seating area. So you see we are Razz and if you go and sit up stairs you are "On the Razz". We have over 25 years experience in Malia proving you will great time, great drinks, and great memories. Our music is the best in Malia

Saltire Lounge - 'Haste Ye Back!'


A Scottish Theme Bar, but all are welcome what ever your nationality. We offer you something different from the rest. All good drinks, friendly staff, darts, pool, board games, live music & much more.

Wicked Bar - 'Do you have a WKD side'


Do you have a WKD side, if you do then this is the place to come. We are located in the middle of the nightlife section so we are very easy to find. Try and surprise us, come dressed as something we have not seen before.

Relax Cocktail Bar - 'We have great seats in Relax'


Relax Cocktail Bar, we have swing seats and normal seats. We have a wide range of drinks and cocktails. Come and swing, it is a great way to meet people

Mambo Club - 'Come and get Tropical with us'


We are Mambo, we are the tropical Club/Bar in Malia. Come in here. we have the vibes and the tunes for you to feel paradise. We have a long bar with upstairs and downstairs seating as well as outside seating. We have the best tropical cocktails in Malia. We are easy to find, 70 meters down the road from the main Church

Revolution Cafe Bar - 'We are 'Revo' for short'


Revolution Bar Located at the very top of Beach Road. You can not miss us, we have a red glow you can see from a long way away. We are a stylish bar with a very nice looking bar (and staff), and we have a nice relaxing atmosphere

Kipouli Taverna - 'The Original Coffee shop in the old village'


Kipouli is one of the oldest bars in Malia Old Village, this family run bar is like a time machine, with a few seats outside, so that you can enjoy a drink in the sun watching village life.

Arlekin Tango - 'Quality Cocktails'


Arlekin Tango Hotel on the border between Stalis and Malia

Wembley Bar - 'The best fun you can have in Malia'


Wembley Bar is bang in the middle of the strip. We are great fun, and we have great drinks. Come and see us, you will leave feeling like your team just won the world cup. We are a great place to come to between the clubs, we are bang in the centre of the club area of Malia

Tiger Tiger - 'Shisha Cocktail Bar'


We are the main Shisha Cocktail Bar in Malia, located only 100 meters from the beaches of Malia. We have a wide range of Shisha Cocktail for you to try. Our bar is amazingly decorated with loads of seats and TVs to watch. We have a wide range of drinks and snacks.

The Original Bar - 'The best Retro hits in town'


We are actually the Original Bar in Malia. We were the first bar here many years ago. We are close to the centre of Malia, we are open all day and all night and have a wide range of drinks and snacks to offer. Maybe you been before, or if it is your first time, come and meet Amanda and Adonis

Mojito Pub - 'International Cocktails'


Mojito Pub - International Cocktails - Pizza Cafe - Bar Snacks

R&B Plus


R&B Plus

Bar B - 'The "B" is for Best, and the "B" is for Beer'


Bar B, is a great bar in Beach Road, because it is between all the clubs and this is the place to come for a quick chill between the clubs. We have great staff and drinks, and our DJ is world class.

Mint - 'Malia Tropical Open air Cocktail Bar'


Mint is the best and largest Cocktail Bar in Malia. We can host well over 500 people and we have a super fast bar and waitress service. Inside you will feel like you are in paradise, we the music, palm trees and lighting. We are called Mint, because we are mint. This is where people come to meet new people, it is easy to make new friends in here.

Edelwiese Cocktail Bar - 'Come and chill with us'


Edelweiss Cocktail bar is open daily. You may have an apetitizer or a nightcap or try one of our numerous different cocktails or ice creams. Part of the Villa Sonia Complex on the Beach Road between Malia and Stalis

The Hub


The Hub

Energy Pub


We have the Energy, we have the atmosphere and we have the vibe. Energy is out door bar, with loads of chairs. Our staff are full of energy and so are our drinks. We are a good place to start and end the night. Come here are charge yourself with energy before the big night out